Hello Family! 🙂

I pray that all of you are well this morning. I have prayed for you, and God has answered my prayer. So you can go ahead and walk in love, boldness, courage, and the confidence of knowing that YOU ARE BEING PROTECTED, KEPT…BLESSED! 🙂

Today is one of those days that I had to reach out to you. Not because of the sadness of the short story that I am going to tell you. But much more because of the Thankfulness and Gratitude that I have to GOD…and for all of you!

There is a man here who received a 10-year prison sentence. He has served more than 7-years of that sentence. His release date is in 14-months. 16-days ago (after spending a week in the hospital, complaining of stomach pain), he was diagnosed with TERMINAL PANCREATIC CANCER. The doctors gave him 6-months to One-year to live.  

On yesterday, he had a visit with his wife and two children. He had not seen them in more than a year. They have been separated by “issues”, situations, and circumstances that provoked anger, disdain, and separation.  

According to many of the brothers who were on visit yesterday, this family cried together for hours. They hugged and loved on one another for hours. I spoke with him this morning, as he was preparing to go back out for his visit. I asked him about his visit on yesterday. With tears in his eyes he said to me, “Kwame those people have been very angry with me for a long time…and me with them. But yesterday, I could not even remember what the heck it was all about.”  

I had more discussion with him (YES ABOUT CHRIST…he doesn’t know Him), then prayed for him and his family as he walked out of the door. Then I walked out of the door and began my hour long walk and talk with the LORD around the track.  

At first I was overwhelmed with sadness for him and his family. I thought about how his 10-year prison sentence could very well turn out to be a Life Sentence. I thought about how casual and cavalier judge’s in this country sentence men and women to prison for egregiously long prison terms, then simply go to lunch, a ballgame, or a family gathering. I thought about the selective and malicious prosecutions in this country…and the fact that very few know about it, or even care.

Just as anger began to rise up in me, I came to myself. I remembered WHO I AM. And much more…I REMEMBER WHOSE I AM!

Suddenly, the greatest gratitude, thankfulness, and joy overwhelmed me. I began to praise and thank God for who He is, and also for all of you. You see, I SHALL NOT DIE, BUT LIVE! I have been CALLED TO LIBERTY! And by the pure unmerited favor of God…He has preserved my life, transformed my heart, and restored me back to the mission for which He created and called me…before time began.  

I have family, friends, and loved ones who not only care for me…but also care for one another.  

The love I receive from my Mom, Dad, Sisters, Children, Nephews, Niece, Line Brothers, Rattlers, Technicians, Detroiters, Texans, Friends, extended Family, and also people whose names I may never know, who pray for me diligently, is a phenomenal blessing to my soul. GOD CARES FOR ME! And He also cares for all of you!

Today, I wanted you to know that you are appreciated, adored, and truly loved by ME!  

I continue to be mindful of the tremendous heart that you have had for me. And also your being obedient to God’s call to you to reach out to me. Today, like every other day, is a day for celebration.  

Yes, people are hurting today, families are hurting today…but because of your prayers for my salvation, my deliverance, my peace, my joy, my protection…the man, the father, the husband who is here, will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He will know that God loves Him, and wills that he should LIVE! And I am believing for transformation in his life, and the lives of his family members as well.  

Family, no matter how much longer you or I have left on this earth…the confidence of KNOWING that we have ETERNAL LIFE NOW, starts the process of healing all wounds (physical, mental, emotional), sickness, and disease! I wanted to take this time to tell you; “YOU SHALL NOT DIE, BUT LIVE!” So you may as well LIVE ABUNDANTLY! So smile…Live your best life! 🙂