Dear Father,
I praise and worship you for being who You are; Merciful, Mighty, Wonderful, Sovereign…GOD. I magnify you and esteem you above all. Thank you for Jesus! Thank You for forgiving me of my sin, and saving me by your grace, through the faith of your Son; Jesus Christ. I Thank you for pouring your Love into my heart, by your Spirit…and making me a new man, a new creation. Dear Lord I thank you for sustaining and keeping my family; my mom and dad, my sons, my sisters, and those whom you have sent to encourage me, support me, and love me.

Today, I boldly come to your throne, in the name of Jesus, asking that you will continue to move mightily in my life, and in the lives of my family and loves ones. Draw us closer to you by your Spirit. Help us to know you more…and therefore know our own individual purposes, callings, and destiny.

Father, you said in your word that I have been “called to Liberty!” You have freed me from the misery of my past, from the bondage of my sin, and from the clutches of men. You have given me a new vision, a fresh anointing, and made known to me the great purpose you have for my life. My spirit is free, my soul is constantly being freed, and because of YOU and YOU alone, I know that my body will be free from this physical prison soon.

Your word says “The heart of the King is in the hand of the LORD. And like the rivers of water, He can turn it whichever way He chooses.” Father, Do You! Work in the hearts of mankind. Work in the hearts of those who have set themselves against me. Work in the hearts of those who hatefully, spitefully, and wickedly use me for their own selfish ambition and evil schemes. I pray for those who consider themselves my enemies. Reveal your Son to them. Draw them by your Spirit, turn their hearts to You. Give them no peace until they cry out to you! Give them the same choice that you gave me; to choose Life or Death, Blessings or Curses. Then Lord, give them the Faith to choose Life.

Now Dad, as always I thank you for allowing me to come to the end of myself. I thank you for allowing me to experience the brokenness, depression, and absolute destruction of sin…while simultaneously drawing me, compelling me, beckoning me to Come to You. Thank you for allowing me to fall to my knees, Sweetly Broken, and then truly Surrendering to YOU! For allowing me to be your son…and even call you Dad.

Father, I take you at your word…that when I believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, I was saved, sealed by the Holy Spirit. And according to your word, my family and friends have the same opportunity. I thank you for saving my sons, my mom, my dad, my sister, my aunt, and several friends. I thank you for using me, even in a prison visiting room, to reveal your Son, His word, His Spirit, His Peace, and His Life, to my peeps.

Father bless all the Pastors, Preachers, Teachers, Evangelists, Apostles, Missionaries, and every saint working in the various ministries around this country…and around the world. Encourage them today! Continue to lift up a standard in their lives. Let your light shine mightily within their souls….so that people may see You. Stir them up to “GO!” Use them Lord! Use me Lord! Have your way in our lives. I love you Father. I love you Jesus!
All of this I pray in the name of my LORD, my SAVIOR, my REDEEMER; Jesus Christ. AMEN

Kwame Kilpatrick