“I grew up two houses over from Aretha’s dad; Rev. CL Franklin. I remember when the Blues Brothers was popular and Aretha was home visiting, and sitting on the front porch. I went down and spoke to her; ‘Hi Ms. Aretha Franklin!’ She said ‘Hi Baby!’ I told her that I just saw her singing in the movie, and she sang a few bars of ‘You betta Think!’ I clapped my hands and was grinning my lil fat boy smile. She made my YEAR! Aretha, you are the world’s Queen of Soul…but on Linwood and Grand Blvd in Detroit, MI, on that day…you made a permanent and indelible imprint on a lil boy’s soul. You took the time to share you with me. I will never forget it. Love You Ms. Aretha Franklin! See you in heaven one day!” 

-Kwame M. Kilpatrick (Former Mayor of Detroit)