Hey Fam!

My former cellie, Kenneth Evans, received Clemency from President Obama. I wrote and filed Motions to the court for him, and the Clemency paperwork. I watched him fight…then joined him in the fight, until he won his freedom.

TODAY, he walked out of prison after serving 25-years for a non-violent drug offense. Kenny had a Life Sentence. In the box titled “Out Date”, it read “Deceased.” But, the devil is a lie!  

I’m sooo excited to see that FREEDOM IS IN THE AIR!  

Kenny hoped against hope…believed when there was nothing else to hold on to…and persevered to see the day when he would be reunited with his children and grandchildren. Kenny walked into prison a 26-year old father of seven young children. He is walked out of prison, today, a 51-year old grandfather of fourteen. TOO MUCH TIME! Too Much Time for sure! But thank God he is home!  

Much Success to you Dear Brother! LIVE, LAUGH, and LOVE…And may God continue to bless you and your family. And don’t eat everything in the first month. Pace yourself big fella. lol.