The Campus Martius Task Force was created by Mayor Archer. When it completed its work, there was still no design, no plan, and no construction initiative to get it done. At the beginning of the Kilpatrick Administration, Kwame put a Public/Private development team together (that included six City Departments; Water, Public Works, Lighting, BS&E, Parking, Planning & Development) to completely redesign the entire Campus Martius plan, along with the 5 downtown streets that lead into the Downtown area. The change in the Plan, which included the most massive transformation of our Water, Lighting, and Technology infrastructure systems, completely changed the opportunity for development, retail, and business attraction in Downtown Detroit…which the city is realizing TODAY. Mayor Archer did a tremendous job as Mayor…and Kwame has great respect for him as he wrote in his book; Surrendered.

Let’s stop rewriting City history in a continuing effort to demean, debase, and deform Kwame, and worse, pit him against Archer. Bankruptcy facts, Campus Martius facts…are simply facts. I know the Niggerization of Kwame is more attractive…but its just not Truth. #FreeKwame